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His look is smoldering and intense. Our eyes lock, and he moves toward me, the sexiest man at the club … I panic and run away! Now, I’m sweetly tormented as I hear them through my bedroom wall. Moaning, gasping, panting… Oh, please… 
Autumn, a studious homebody, and Scarlett a seductive vamp are best friends. Angelo is every woman’s dream. When Autumn musters her courage and approaches him at the club, she finds another woman in his arms, writhing and undulating to the music. And that woman is Scarlett.
Now, with Scarlett dedicating herself to her sexy new boyfriend, will Autumn be driven even further into her shell? Or will the two friends become closer than Autumn has allowed herself to ever imagine? 

She’s smart. She’s classy. And she’s daunting. Now she’ll have her own sweet revenge.
Trevor: What’s wrong with me? I have a happy family, beautiful wife, lots of money … Yet I can’t resist her. The new nanny has me acting like a love-sick school-boy!
I didn’t expect to fall in love with her. I love my wife! But Anna is sweet, playful and natural. Everything that Monica is not.
Anna: He’s kind, successful, sexy… perfect. Except he’s married. What am I doing?
Am I a home-wrecker or just part of the dream? Can this last?
Monica: I see the way he looks at her, and she at him. Little do they know what I've set my eyes upon …
What’s good for the gander … And it’s oh, so good!
Her retaliation is sublime. A little agony, abundant satisfaction and their realized dreams begin a new way of life.

He’s not my type. Who am I kidding? He’s every girl’s type, and he’s the only one to stand by me in all of this. But how far is he willing to go to keep my family in control of our own company? Is anything off limits? 
I practically watched her grow up.
I’ve worked closely with her father in the fashion industry for so many years, and I never thought of her that way. She was just a feisty kid.
I’ve had my share but not like her. She’s got her father’s tenacious spirit and mind.
She’s all grown up, but she has no idea about this world she’s about to enter. Or maybe she does . . .
She can fake a marriage, but she can’t pretend for very long that she’s not into me.
Girls don’t fake it with me. They need to keep control for that, and that just doesn’t happen once I get my hands on them.
And I want my hands on her. Not just my hands. I want to ravish her, to taste every bit of her, to indulge her naughtiest fantasies and hear her scream.

I want this gorgeous brown-skinned man; 
To escape the craving. 
But I’m held hostage by my hunger; 
My traitorous body. . . 

She’s daring, exciting and bold.
And I’ve plummeted into her world of sensuality and intrigue, 
A dive from atop a cliff.
Can we survive her dark past?
I’ll do whatever it takes.
Charlie is smitten. He and Anna meet at the Boston Marathon and explore their mutual allure. He is quickly plunged into her world of sensuality and intrigue. She has a past she can’t escape. When she’s kidnapped by a former lover and becomes his sex-slave can Charlie save her? Can he save her from herself? Can they conquer the challenges that thwart their happily-ever-after?

Lisa will be forty soon. And she’s still a virgin. Desperate, she’s looking for love in all the wrong places. 

OMG! I’ve run the gamut from pervs and mysogynists to fumbling in bathroom cubicles with geriatric womanizers. But can I stoop so low as to defile the son of my ex-fiancé? Does he know how his tight jeans accentuate the muscles in his legs and butt? Those rippling abs? His brawny shoulders? Those dimples? Perhaps I’m meant to die a lonely virgin.
I’ve had this crush my whole life. And now she’s here in all her glory I have to have her. Over and over …

He’s arrogant, domineering, a playboy and . . . a criminal?... Yet I can’t resist him. What in the hell am I doing?! 
When fantasies of the prime suspect in a murder case she’s investigating set her body quivering, Sophia is tormented. Miles Rodriguez, captures her, body, heart and soul. The multi-billionaire bad boy exudes power and confidence. And he looks so damn good! Forbidden desire gives way to passionate sex and blissful love. But a ruthless drug king-pin is on the hunt, and their lives are in danger. 

I was tired of waking up the morning after wishing I could undo the night before,
Discovering the depths to which I’d sunk.
So I switched one little detail on my online dating profile.
From “straight” to “bisexual”.
And it brought me Alicia.
Rapport, compatibility and sensational sensuality.
She’s in an open marriage, and when I arrived for a threesome,
I made a staggering discovery.
My life’s changed more than I could have imagined.