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Finding your soul-mate; the one meant for you …It could be worse … Or could it? 

 If you like steamy, suspenseful paranormal stories with alpha males and feisty women, this is the book for you! 

Nora is passionate and fearless. Until now she’s seduced and fed on humans, infusing them with a venom that causes them to awake none the wiser. But one college football star hasn’t forgotten. When her life is threatened he is plummeted into a world of darkness and danger.

Marcel, the clan’s benevolent leader, is Nora’s maker with whom she shares a deep connection. When horrifying events in the town threaten the clan he comes face-to-face with his past. A devastation he may not survive.Finally old secrets are revealed, new perils encountered. Will hope be revived?

She’s smart. She’s classy. And she’s daunting. Now she’ll have her own sweet revenge.
Trevor: What’s wrong with me? I have a happy family, beautiful wife, lots of money … Yet I can’t resist her. The new nanny has me acting like a love-sick school-boy!
I didn’t expect to fall in love with her. I love my wife! But Anna is sweet, playful and natural. Everything that Monica is not.
Anna: He’s kind, successful, sexy… perfect. Except he’s married. What am I doing?
Am I a home-wrecker or just part of the dream? Can this last?
Monica: I see the way he looks at her, and she at him. Little do they know what I've set my eyes upon …
What’s good for the gander … And it’s oh, so good!
Her retaliation is sublime. A little agony, abundant satisfaction and their realized dreams begin a new way of life.

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If she’d known what she was heading to, she’d have turned her car around and gone back home. Still, it was a week-end she’d never forget. Old fantasies realized, new discoveries made. . . 

Leann has accomplished a life she’s proud of; self-acceptance, a good job, nice little apartment … But when she heads back to her home-town for a high-school reunion she is flooded with memories. The nerdy, overweight, virtually invisible girl. Reuniting with Paul and Luke, two fine-looking bad-boys, eases her worries. Then a ruthless biker-gang seeking revenge appears, hurling her into a nightmare. Can she escape unscathed? 

His look is smoldering and intense. Our eyes lock, and he moves toward me, the sexiest man at the club … I panic and run away! Now, I’m sweetly tormented as I hear them through my bedroom wall. Moaning, gasping, panting… Oh, please… 
Autumn, a studious homebody, and Scarlett a seductive vamp are best friends. Angelo is every woman’s dream. When Autumn musters her courage and approaches him at the club, she finds another woman in his arms, writhing and undulating to the music. And that woman is Scarlett.
Now, with Scarlett dedicating herself to her sexy new boyfriend, will Autumn be driven even further into her shell? Or will the two friends become closer than Autumn has allowed herself to ever imagine? 

Indulge your deepest fantasies with these steamy bisexual (MF, FF, MFF) romance stories!

Naughty HEA, stand-alone romance stories to titillate and please. 

Come prepared to share”. Lavish invitations, lead to a swinging orgy where one alpha male makes the rounds looking like a lion on the hunt. Who is this man? 
The invitees are always couples, always from society’s upper-crust. All seem to be sworn to a secret code that they aren’t going to break. Nervous tension is followed by cautious curiosity. Then someone takes the plunge and the rest follow. Wives are traded, husbands passed around. Come morning, it is all over. Everyone filters back to their lives, pretending it never happened. All hoping they will be invited again.
But one night a single man stands out. He is bigger. Not just in size, but in ego. This alpha-male makes the rounds like he owns the place. And the prey he is after lays nestled between the thighs of every man’s wife… Let the orgy begin!

He’s cocky, arrogant, and mouth-wateringly gorgeous. And now I’m his prisoner. 
When he looks at me through those dark, sexy eyes I’m dizzy with excitement. 
Do I want to be free? 
She’s a virgin for f*k sake.
Just collateral. I can play with her. Otherwise she’s off limits. 
But she’s hit me like a drug.
What am I to do?
Kidnapping her was all business. 
Holding her hostage til her father came through.
But the way she moves,
The way she talks…
The way she feels . . . 
Her touch . . .
And then she goes and spoils it all. 
I need her for my own!
A story of terror, passion, realization and self-growth. Steamy, stand-alone, HEA. For adult eyes only! 

Do you like steamy love scenes, intrigue, action and suspense? Then this is the series for you! 

Is he a malicious beast … or just a sexy bar-tender … or neither …? 

Thomas, a high-ranking leader in a shifter’s coven, enjoys his luxurious life amongst humans. 

Jana, tough and independent; is dedicated to her job as a homicide detective. She doesn’t do relationships, preferring one-night-stands. Then she meets Thomas; dominating, possessive and irresistible. Sparks fly.

But when the clan condemns Jana for the death of one of their own, Thomas must betray his family to protect her. Intent on vengeance, the powerful shifters are tenacious. What begins as intense lust becomes a desperate struggle for life and for love.

The only thing finer than finding my long-lost flame is welcoming his luscious lover. Two’s company, three’s divine! 
Two delectable men share an intense attraction neither can admit. It takes one strong, adventurous woman who loves a little kink to transport them to joyous rapture. 

Something’s not right . . . 
She was robbed and threatened
Or so she claims.
But I’m under her spell. I’m filled with desire.
And after one glorious night 
Introduced to pleasures beyond my wildest dreams.
I've come to discover far deeper secrets than I ever could have imagined
And I cannot betray them.
Though my practical professionalism tells me I should . . .